Hydraulic Breaker Pack & Guns – Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco LP920P Spec Sheet (Power Pack)
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Atlas Copco LH230E Spec Sheet (Gun)
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Atlas Copco LP920P

The LP920P provides fuel for outdoor use and electric for indoor use. It is specialised to power applications in the range that require 20-40 lpm/170 bar. They’re light and compact with well protecting frames which means two people can lift and carry the power packs with ease. It also has a thermostatically-controlled oil cooler which allows quick warm-ups and helps protect the hydraulic oil from overheating.

Atlas Copco LH230E

The LH230E is perfect for medium and hard materials such as asphalt and concrete and with it’s high power to weight ratio means you get more done with a smaller breaker.

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